Paracord Bracelet Options

Hey guys! Thank you for your interest in my paracord bracelets. The paracord bracelets that I make are made of Type III 7 strand paracord. That’s the same stuff we use in the army. There are many options to choose from.
To send a request choose the style and buckle below and go to my contact page here and send me your request(s).

I make them to fit you

I make these bracelets to fit you. So to measure your wrist take a tape measure and measure your wrist without any slack. I add slack to the bracelet based on your wrist measurement, each bracelet style has a different amount of slack that needs to be present, so exact measurements are needed. Do not measure it so tight as to cut off circulation either. Just a loose measurement without any slack will be sufficient.

The Styles

There are many styles that you can choose from.
Paracord Survival Bracelets

The Ladder Rack

The Ladder Rack

This style is a weave style bracelet and can have a good cord density. This bracelet is about 1 1/8″ wide. Specify color by base color and line color. Line color can also be substituted with Jute which makes for great kindling.

$12 plus options

Fire Release


This band is quick unraveling, meaning your cord is available to you almost instantly. This band comes in one color and is continuous cord.

$12 plus options



This band is a duplicate of the fire release band, however this variation is only quickly unraveled after the lacing is removed. Specify color for this one by base color and lace color. This band requires a shackle band.

$15 plus options

The Thin Line

The Thin Line

This is a slightly dainty design with two color options. The thin line is about a half an inch wide. To specify colors, just specify the base color (black here) and the thin line (red in this case).

$10 plus options

Crooked River

The Crooked River

This is also a slightly small bracelet coming in at just over a half inch wide. To specify colors, specify the base color (white here) and the river color (stars and stripes pictured.

$11 plus options

King Cobra

The King Cobra

The King Cobra is a wide bracelet that comes in at a whopping 1 1/8″ wide. Specify colors by center color and outer color.

$13 plus options

Double Cobra

Double Cobra

Organic Cobra (top) Double Cobra (center), Blended Cobra (bottom, my own variation). The double cobra and it’s variations are a wide 1.25″. To specify color identify outer/center color and base color.

$18 plus options

Mated Snake Knot

The Mated Snake

The mated snake is slick looking design that’s a bit beefier than the crooked river and the thin line coming in at just under an inch. Specify color by outer color and inner color.

$12 plus options


Colors will be added here soon. To specify colors please let me know which colors you’d like and I will show you the options I have available.


You have three options to choosing the buckle you’d like. You can choose between a plastic side release buckle, shackle and the diamond knot.

The Diamond Knot

Diamond Knot

The diamond knot is the base option that makes your bracelet all cord.

free option

The Side Release Buckle

Side Release Buckle

The side release buckle makes it much easier to put on and remove your bracelet.

$1 option

Adjustable Shackle

Adjustable Shackle

Add a rugged shackle to your band and you’ll have an even more useful

$2.50 option

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