Eric Haltom checking in for work

Well, it’s been a long time coming. I have delayed the start of this blog for far too long. Well that all changes today. Hi, my name if you haven’t caught it by now is Eric Haltom. In this blog I will be sharing my experiences in the world of the web as well as a few pointers and perhaps some tutorials to help out you other front-end web developers out there.

So if you haven’t read the about page I am a front-end web developer that designs, updates and maintains a set of community bank websites as well as a few other venture sites held under the umbrella of Capitol Bancorp Limited. I also work with various clients and their web site needs. So stick around, check out the Eric Haltom website and feel free to send me some feedback and let me know how I’m doing or if you’d like me to write about anything specific.

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