DIY Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse

Birdhouse overview One of the easiest things to build in woodworking and in fact a great starting project that many woodworkers start off with is a birdhouse. If you are a beginner at woodworking and want to build something new, a DIY Birdhouse is an excellent starting project. As Mother’s day began to approach I… Read the full article!

Paracord Bracelet Options

Paracord Survival Bracelets

Hey guys! Thank you for your interest in my paracord bracelets. The paracord bracelets that I make are made of Type III 7 strand paracord. That’s the same stuff we use in the army. There are many options to choose from. To send a request choose the style and buckle below and go to my… Read the full article!

What I’m Working on as of 8/23

So recently I have been working on a few websites. I haven’t been redesigning them, but more retrofitting them with current standards. The sites I’m working on are and Hopefully, this will give these sites a cleaner, more professional feel that last across most devices and monitors.